Welcome to crona's candles, the home of natural, organic, pure aroma.

My journey began as a very stressed project manager in London, working and working until I decided to take a break and rethink my life. I retrained as an aromatherapist and started making candles in my shed using essential oils. I fast discovered that not all oils are made equal! So I researched and sourced organic botanical oils - traceable to source - and organic wax. And began making!

My ethos is very simple: if it's kind to the planet, it will be naturally kind to people. 

I make nourishing, calming, uplifting candles for all life situations, from work office to home office, kitchen to bedroom, and living room to bathroom. Designed to uplift your mood and to support and nurture in this busy life.

I want my customers to know that when they use cróna's candles that it is guaranteed pure and natural...that it is good for the planet - sourced sustainably and ethically - and that I will always only use organic unsprayed, untampered with botanical oils. 

May your candle illuminate your life!

With love and kindness, Cróna (Founder)